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Business Excellence Training include

EFQM Organization Development Path
Leading Your Excellence Journey

Designed for Leaders who want to inspire, lead, drive and support Organisational Excellence to ensure that improvements create sustainable benefit to meet or exceed stakeholders expectations.

  • Further develop their leadership skills and competencies
  • Understand how to lead and inspire the journey to organisational excellence
  • Discover why other organisations are successful
  • Know how to effectively turn the learning into value for the organization

We structured this training around five practical steps to ensure we develop reflective leaders who can navigate throughout their challenging excellence journey.
This will be explored through presentation, practical and interactive exercises and discussions with your peers and the trainer.


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Registrations can be done through the SKEA online or via email

Shaping Your Excellence Journey


Internal Assessment Training


EFQM Assessor Development Path
  1. The Basic Assessor Training
  2. The EFQM Assessor Training

Self Assessment Training


How to prepare a Submission Document
  • Promotion of the culture of innovation and creativity in Abu Dhabi & UAE among the public & private sectors.
  • Qualifying and training those who wish to enter this specialized field and possess the necessary knowledge and skill as experts in creativity and innovation.

Benchmarking Training – Trade    (Download )

  • A unique program aimed at facilitating benchmarking with good practices locally, regionally and internationally
  • Development of a Global network in collaboration with likeminded international centers such as; GBN (Norway), COER,
  • Including Online and site visitation program to Excellence Award winners in the UAE and abroad.
  • Periodical publications of Best practices to be issued and widely circulated locally and regionally
  • Training and Education programmes in Benchmarking tools and techniques

SKEA brings to you a Certification Training Course on TRADE Best Practice Benchmarking to stimulate innovation and provide a pathway to business excellence and world-class performance, 3-days training course


    1. To provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the TRADE methodology
    2. To provide participants with the skills necessary to learn and apply best practices that deliver significant operational and financial benefits
    3. To kick-start a project of relevance to the participant’s organization