Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should We Apply for SKEA? What's in it for us? The award has many benefits, one of which is that it offers organisations the opportunity benchmark themselves against internationally recognised criteria, carried out by fully trained assessors. Applicant organisations shall benefit from the synergy and teamwork generated by employees involved in preparing the submission document. Applicants also receive an independent feedback report highlighting their on strengths and areas for improvement. The main benefits to applicant organisations are gained at the early stage of the self-assessment and the data compilation stage, not at the award ceremony stage

Is Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award Reserved for the Elites? No, all organisations operating in Abu Dhabi are eligible for the award irrespective of industry and sector, including public sector organisations. Very small organisations may find difficulty in fulfilling some of the criteria, however, the award secretariat will be happy to help if required.

Do We Stand a Chance of Winning? Yes. if your definition of winning is to learn and develop. However, if winning is about winning a trophy, then this type of winning is reserved for role model organisations in their field. Our experience shows that most organisations that embark on this journey will eventually be recognized. Click on the ‘Categories’ button to learn more about the score and the winning categories of the award.

How Can I Become an Assessor of the Award? To become assessor of the award all assessors must successfully complete the training requirement. To apply, click on the ‘Assessors’ button and download and complete the application form to and send it to the the award office. Generally assessors need to have strong management experience, in a discipline like Finance, Human Resource, Marketing, or Sales experience. Preference is given to people who work in organisations that are already interested in embracing the SKEA criteria or previous applicants to SKEA.

Is the Process Confidential? Absolutely, as confidentiality is the most important critical success factors of SKEA Without them the credibility of the award will be in question The Award office never divulges any information about companies that participate and do not win. All our assessors are bound by confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement before they even see the submission documents. Assessors are not allowed to accept any benefits whatsoever from the applicant organizations they assess, including offers of employment, consultancy work and contract work.

When is the Best Time to Apply? The best time to Apply is now. because the sooner you join the cycle, the sooner your organisation will benefit from the valuable feedback report you shall receive at the end of the cycle The registration process is simple and does not commit you until you are ready to submit your document. However, when you register your interest with the Award Office, you will be kept informed of all the workshops, seminars and conferences hosted by the Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award Secretariat.

What is the Job of the Award Office? The award office ensures that confidentiality and impartiality is maintained throughout the assessment process. The office is also concerned with the quality of assessment conducted by assessors. Above all, the award office is concerned with reviewing, maintaining and updating the criteria as well as promoting the award.

How is The Assessment Carried Out? A team of 4-6 assessors are assigned to assess each organization. They will be lead by a senior assessor. They analyse each submission individually and then meet to agree on a consensus strengths and areas for improvement for the entire team. In addition, the team shall consolidate a set of site visit issues. The site visit issues will then be converted into questions that will be asked during the site visits. Most applicants will usually get a site visit, it is beneficial to both assessors and applicants alike.