About SKEA


The Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award (SKEA) is more than just a recognition; it embodies a mission to elevate businesses in the UAE, enhancing their productivity and profitability. SKEA isn't merely a competition, it serves as a comprehensive tool for developmental. Every participant benefits from the meticulous feedback reports. These reports provide a clear reflection of their current quality and excellence levels, pinpointing strengths and areas for improvement.They also guide organizations in shaping a forward-looking vision and mission, urging them to leverage all resources to achieve these goals.

Over the years, SKEA's transformative influence is evident in its growing number of participants, fostering a culture of quality and excellence at both the national and regional levels. Participants’ improved performance makes them more competitive, opens doors to broader markets, and enables them to deliver superior quality at reduced costs.

SKEA has earned respect and recognition regionally and due to its modern administrative structure, aligned with global excellence models and best practices.Furthermore, SKEA offers essential tools and guidelines that chart a clear path for all participants, regardless of their size or industry. Notably, SKEA has invested significantly in human capital, empowering corporate leaders through its Quality and Excellence Ambassadors Training Programs. Today, SKEA boasts a vast pool of qualified assessors, proficient in evaluating awards both locally and globally.

SKEA has undeniably cultivated an environment of quality and excellence across private and public sectors in the UAE and beyond.These achievements stand as a tribute to His Highness Sheikh Khalifa ”Peace be on Him”, underlining the unwavering support from the nation's top leadership for this noble endeavor.

Representing the Abu Dhabi Chamber, I extend my profound gratitude to His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE. His enduring support and keen oversight of SKEA's endeavors have been pivotal in advancing the goals of private sector companies in Abu Dhabi and fostering comprehensive, sustainable growth throughout the Emirates and the wider region.